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Thomas Reyes

House Construction in Texas

Texas can be your next home. This state is known for its long summer, warm fall, mild winter and generally fruitful spring. With this kind of weather, there is no shortage of produce all year round for the urban and rural farms here. Texas is located in the south of the United States. It is so big and has diverse landscape ranges from desert badlands and swimmable coastlines to green mountains and sprawling prairies. Due to its lush, green and naturally beautiful landscapes, it has lots of farms scattered in all places. Farming is one of the sources of living especially in urban areas.

Now planning to have a home located in Texas can be a tough task. You have a lot of things to consider. However, Texas is beautiful as it is so a home in Texas is also a good idea.


Things to keep in mind

  • There are different kinds of architectural styles in every region of Texas

You should know that every region in this place embraces different architectural styles. Houston and Dallas are both much traditional than Austin or even West Texas. You will see here that locals love steep roofs, red bricks, and dramatic staircases. It means that for an all red brick Colonial house plan would work well in Houston, while a modern farmhouse home plan will not. In the Texas Hill Country, you are going to find a lot more casual and more modern work. Austin has a lot of edgy modern work and a very little traditional.

  • Always remember to know the rules and regulations for building a home in your area

Do not just go buying a house and remodeling it according to your plan. There are certain rules and regulations that authorities impose so you must be aware of them. The “McMansion Ordinance”, is a nickname given for a particular set of building regulations within parts of Austin. Putting this simply, you cannot build a ginormous mansion beside your neighbor’s tiny bungalow. You have to calculate the amount of cover for the entire land and submit that to the authorities. It also needs to fit within the requirements. A part of the requirement is called floor to area ration, which is the square footage of the house compared with the square footage of the lot.

  • Austin can be an expensive place to live in

If you can afford it, then give it a shot. Austin is an area in Texas where property values soar. However, it is an amazing, vibrant city with all kinds of good amenities.

  • Basements are a big No-No in Texas

If you dig about 6 inches below, there’s the rock, and it’s a solid limestone. It requires heavy equipment to get it out. So a basement is not a good idea if you decide to build a home in Texas. If you do, limestone can just cause you problems because water shoots through it horizontally with a lot of hydrostatic pressure. Therefore, if you build a basement in Texas, you will be forcing your basement’s walls to withstand a higher-than-normal amount of water pressure.

  • Select a professional, pre-drawn house, then customize it

Choose a house plan drawn by a veteran, professional builder and designer. People may have different priorities, especially in big families. Every member of your home wants to create an adobe of their own choice. Choosing a professional home builder will be the most convenient and reasonable option for you. Professionals take your own requirement and offer great advice to create your beautiful house. You don’t have to worry about the construction material, sketching of property, architecture, blueprint and labor work. Your home builder will take care of that for you.

  • Build or Remodel

It is also important to know if you want to build or remodel. Ask yourself if you are comfortable with the average construction costs for the type of house you want. Set your requirements for the specific number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. If you are thinking of a remodeling, check your budget. If it meets the reconfiguring you want, then go for it. Take into consideration the details you want for your remodeling, and if it needs to be taken down to the studs. This is important so that you can set realistic goals for the kind of house you want.


The Texas Business Association

Life is about change, sometimes you start on one path only to have things change on you. This blog is a perfect example of this. For many years we used this blog to discuss the inner workings
of the cattle association that we successfully ran for many years here in Texas. Those we good years, years that we loved connecting with other cattle ranchers and Texas businessmen. These were all good people and good times. But the one true thing in life is that life changes. Both in our circumstances and our priories.

One of the things running the Cattle association over those many years did was bring us in contact with many businesses in Texas. Both inside and outside the cattle industry. We noticed many similarities between the cattle industry and business in Texas.

That is why we are confident that the relaunching and rebranding of this blog will be such a great success. We know that there are businesses in Texas that do great things both in the industry they serve and in the great state of Texas itself. We hope that you will join us on this journey. Information on the cattle industry in the state of Texas is important and we know
that you have come to rely on us for that information. However no matter what your situation is there is never such thing as too much information.

That is why this blog is widening its focus going forward we won’t just be focusing on the cattle industry we will be focusing on business in Texas as a whole. Because we know that we live in a shrinking world. We no longer live in a world where how other industries and other business in Texas no longer affect you.

What is happening in the real estate market will later on down the road affect the overhead of the people who produce the feed, which will, in turn, affect your costs which will, in turn,
affect your profits. We have to admit to ourselves we live in a connected world. That is why we are widening the focus of this blog.

We will no longer just be about the cattle association we will now focus on the business in Texas as a whole. We will cover everything from real estate to photography companies. We want to arm you our readers with the information that will allow you to make the right kind of informed decisions with your business going forward. All too often when it comes to learning and getting the information we need we become too focused on the information we think we need right now. This is natural after all the world is complicated and there is way too much information for you to know it all. But not opening yourself up to the wider world, even if it is just slightly wider with business in Texas you could be missing out on huge potential opportunities.

So we hope you will join us on this new adventure as we explore business in Texas.

How I Grew My Cattle Herd So Quickly

50% Parthenais Calves

    Crossbred calves born in Canada and the U.S. have required little or no assistance. One group of first-calf Limousin heifers in Texas delivered 31 calves unassisted, including one set of twins. Calving surveys reveal that 94% of full-bloods are unassisted.

Crossbreeding with Parthenais for:

High cutability and dressing %
Ribeye Ranking #1 in feedlot test
Highly productive, fertile producers
Solid colors with eye appeal
Excellent flavor and tenderness
Lower in fat and cholesterol

Parthenais Cattle Breeders Association
982 Hutchins Lane
Chipley, FL 32428
email: parthenaiscattle@hotmail.com

About Parthenais Cattle

So Why Does Texas Get Associated With Cattle So Often?

The French Parthenais Herdbook, established in 1893, is one of the oldest in France.

In 1970, the breed society established a program of breed improvement with particular emphasis on the production of high-quality beef. Today this program continues.

Cows are culled intensively, as well as bulls. The calving ability of each cow is assessed, noting the growth and quality of her calf, with the poorer producers eliminated to slaughter. This process continues with the second and third calves.

The females that make it through the third calf now have documented proof of their transmitting ability, their high fertility, and good maternal characteristics. Only the top females at this stage are retained as breeding stock. Of these, a select few …. because of their conformation and performance …. attain the status of “elite” cows. It is from these elite cows that breeding bull selections are made.

In France, mature cows are well framed, very attractive animals, the best of which weigh up to 1,600 pounds, whereas top bulls are very impressive and weigh up to 2,600 pounds. The cows are a reddish buckskin color. The bulls are darker with dark brown or black coloring on the neck, around the eyes, ears, and jaws. The face is light, lighter around the muzzle, and the nose, hooves, and tail are black.

Parthenais full-blood cattle display heavy muscling, although they are not extreme. A Parthenais has a high muscle-to-bone ratio, and purebreds will dress out over 67% while full-bloods cut out at over 77%. French government statistics show Parthenais to be highly productive, fertile producers of the high quality, lean meat preferred by the best restaurants in Paris.

Calving surveys reveal that 94% of full-bloods are unassisted. Crossbred calves born in Canada and the U.S. have required little or no assistance. One group of first-class Limousin heifers in Texas delivered over thirty calves unassisted, including one set of twins.

The Charter Membership meeting of the Parthenais Cattle Breeders Association Of America, Inc. was held in Houston, Texas, on February 20, 1995, with close to 40 ranchers in attendance from Tennessee, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, California, Canada, and England. Directors, officers, and committees were elected and bylaws approved.

Membership is open to all who are interested in PARTHENAIS with Active, Associate and Youth members. The Parthenais Cattle Breeders Association of America, Inc. is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code and is solely “Dedicated To The Promotion Of Parthenais Cattle” All dues, fees, or charges further enhance the ability to meet this goal in America and worldwide.

Feedlot performance, carcass data, calving records, and availability of full-bloods, embryos, and bull semen for sale is constantly being updated. A current list of member PARTHENAIS breeders with addresses and telephone numbers is available so that you can visit and see this new breed. The slogan of the French Breed Society is “Uneviande hors du common” or loosely translated, “A Cut Above The Rest”!

Parthenais Cattle Breeders Association