Running a Dude Ranch in Texas

Texas with all its green and luscious sceneries have also a lot of farms and ranches. That is why it is called the land of rodeos and farms. It has also favorable weather conditions making it perfect run a ranch.

People are always on the lookout for new adventures and something different, and you can find it all in a dude ranch. A dude ranch is simply a vacation destination on a working ranch. Each type of dude ranch in Texas is unique. There are dude ranches which are considered luxurious and there are those that offer basic amenities.

Keeping your guests busy

The way to run a successful dude ranch is to have many activities which will keep your guests busy. The main reason why families choose a dude ranch for a simple getaway is to try new adventures and to create more memories with their loved ones. Below are some ways which can help you run a dude ranch where people will enjoy and will have quality time.

  • Prepare comfortable accommodations

Set up comfortable accommodations. Even though your place is technically a ranch, your guests’ comfort should be on your priority list. Guests will need a place to sleep, bathrooms and a place to eat. Most guests will be looking for the experience of living in the old west, but they will also want modern conveniences such as safe, comfortable sleeping quarters and private bathrooms. Set up your guest quarters to be multi-functional.


  • Get ahead of your horse-riding activity

Plan carefully your activities on the ranch. Primarily, your guests might be looking forward to riding horses. You should have horses available to handle a wide range of horsemanship skills from beginner to expert. Your guests may also want to tend to the horses, so try to accommodate them if this is the case. Keep in mind that they are also your customers. They are paying to be entertained.


  • Include other new and fun activities

Aside from the usual horse-riding activity, think of new and creative activities to do in your ranch. You can include working with cattle, and livestock, going on trail rides or overnight campouts, bird-watching, rope-tying or wandering through a petting zoo. Campfires are always a good idea to end a tiring day. Be sure to have also back up plans in cases of sudden storm forcing the cancellation of outdoor activities. You could plan some day trips for local sightseeing on your ranch.


  • Prepare your meal plans

Have a meal plan ahead of time. Guests will surely want good food and plenty of it. A good meal, possibly served family-style, is one way to have a good chat with your guests. Have plenty of food stockpiled so you don’t have to abandon your guests to go to the grocery store for some last-minute shopping. Try to prepare food which uses the local crops in your ranch to promote healthy living. Crops locally grown in farms and ranches are usually organic so your guests can be assured of eating only the freshest ingredients.