The Texas Business Association

Life is about change, sometimes you start on one path only to have things change on you. This blog is a perfect example of this. For many years we used this blog to discuss the inner workings
of the cattle association that we successfully ran for many years here in Texas. Those we good years, years that we loved connecting with other cattle ranchers and Texas businessmen. These were all good people and good times. But the one true thing in life is that life changes. Both in our circumstances and our priories.

One of the things running the Cattle association over those many years did was bring us in contact with many businesses in Texas. Both inside and outside the cattle industry. We noticed many similarities between the cattle industry and business in Texas.

That is why we are confident that the relaunching and rebranding of this blog will be such a great success. We know that there are businesses in Texas that do great things both in the industry they serve and in the great state of Texas itself. We hope that you will join us on this journey. Information on the cattle industry in the state of Texas is important and we know
that you have come to rely on us for that information. However no matter what your situation is there is never such thing as too much information.

That is why this blog is widening its focus going forward we won’t just be focusing on the cattle industry we will be focusing on business in Texas as a whole. Because we know that we live in a shrinking world. We no longer live in a world where how other industries and other business in Texas no longer affect you.

What is happening in the real estate market will later on down the road affect the overhead of the people who produce the feed, which will, in turn, affect your costs which will, in turn,
affect your profits. We have to admit to ourselves we live in a connected world. That is why we are widening the focus of this blog.

We will no longer just be about the cattle association we will now focus on the business in Texas as a whole. We will cover everything from real estate to photography companies. We want to arm you our readers with the information that will allow you to make the right kind of informed decisions with your business going forward. All too often when it comes to learning and getting the information we need we become too focused on the information we think we need right now. This is natural after all the world is complicated and there is way too much information for you to know it all. But not opening yourself up to the wider world, even if it is just slightly wider with business in Texas you could be missing out on huge potential opportunities.

So we hope you will join us on this new adventure as we explore business in Texas.